KIND Airport Diagram

We have created a template for each of the higher traffic airports in the vZID airspace. They include KCMH, KCRW, KCVG, KDAY, KIND, KLEX and KSDF. You wil find usefull information including the airport diagram, weather, and specific airport procedures.

KIND Weather

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KIND Operations

 Calm Wind Configuration is runways 23L/R, up to and including 10kts.

Runway 23L typically departs South and East, Runway 23R typically departs North and West.

FedEx pilots should expect runway 23L or 5R.

Contraflow (noise abatement) procedures from 2200L to 0600L, landing Runway 5R, departing Runway 23R, weather permitted.

New Scenery is available at and Blueprint Simulations. On initial contact, arriving aircraft should notify the the controller if their scenery has the Midfield Terminal.

FBOs: Signature is near taxiway D and Millionaire is near taxiway A, both are North of taxiway M.


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