KDAY Airport Diagram

We have created a template for each of the higher traffic airports in the vZID airspace. They include KCMH, KCRW, KCVG, KDAY, KIND, KLEX and KSDF. You wil find usefull information including the airport diagram, weather, and specific airport procedures.

KDAY Weather

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KDAY Operations

Approach/Departure operations for KDAY were consolidated into the Columbus TRACON quite some time back. We have recently made that change here at ZID. When arriving/departing the Dayton Airport and airports in the surrounding area, contact with the Columbus APP/DEP controller, if online, should be expected.

Calm Wind Configuration is runways 24L/R. This configuration is used up to and including 10kts.

Runway 24L typically departs south and east, except larger aircraft requiring a longer runway.

Runway 24R typically departs north and west.


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