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First Wings - IND

Have you made a VATSIM account, but feel intimidated every time you try to speak on the frequency? Or have you yet to make an account in fear that you haven't got what it takes yet? Then this is the event for you! At busy airports, or events, it …

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Holiday Hauls at MEM

Join vZME for some festive freight action as cargo planes transport holiday cheer across the virtual skies. Whether you're hauling freight or carrying passengers home for the holidays, Memphis welcomes it all! December 17th, 2023 2300-0200z Fea…

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Home for the Holidays FNO

As the year comes to a close, families are travelling home to celebrate their observed holidays. Airlines and Air Traffic Control work hand in hand to ensure they get to where they need to go safely and on time. Join ZAU at O'Hare International Ai…

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Saturday Night in the Queen City

Remember when people said the south doesn't have a nightlife? Hmmmm.....maybe they were right, maybe they were wrong. Who knows? Either way, Charlotte, NC has almost 50 nightclubs, making it one of the busiest party towns in the south.

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This website is for a group of online hobbyists who partake in simulated flying and air traffic control on the VATSIM network. The procedures we use mirror, to the greatest extent possible, those utilized by real world air traffic control. At no time, however, should a procedure, chart, or other information contained on this website be used for real world navigation.

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