Indianapolis Center Staff

Hayden Young

Air Traffic Manager

Born in Lexington, KY, I have lived and worked in the skies of ZID my whole life. I joined vZID in 2011 and, excluding a few short gaps, have called it my home since. Here I’ve met many of my best friends in life. I have held Training Administrator appointments here as well as vZTL and enjoy using my experience in flying, ATC, and education to lead a highly successful department. I now live just outside Washington D.C. where I work at a major airline supporting our pilots.


Deputy Air Traffic Manager

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Cole Ferraro

Training Administrator

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David Glaser

Facilities Engineer

I have been interested in aviation since the 1970’s, getting my private pilot license while studying computer science at Bowling Green State University (Ohio). I eventually earned my flight instructor certificate with instrument endorsement, but my career focused on computer support utilizing many roles. Now retired, my other interests include golf, hiking, and visiting our many great National Parks. I returned to flight sims with the advent of virtual reality. With my desire to have full immersion in the cockpit, I joined VATSIM in 2020.

Richard Snell

Events Coordinator

I've been a member of vZID for over 10 years and have been flying flight sims since Flight Simulator 95. I've been a life long lover of aviation and I hold an A&P certificate. I currently work in museums doing aircraft restoration work.

Nicholas Allen


I've been a member of ZID since December of 2019 and have been flying simulators since FS2002. Raised in the Dayton, OH area, I currently live in Fort Worth, TX where I work as a software engineer.