Race into Summer FNO

Start: May 26, 2023 23:00Z
End: May 27, 2023 03:00Z
Host: ZID
Signup Type: Assigned

Whether you like Open Wheel, Stock Cars, Oval, or Road Tracks, there's something for everyone out on the track! Join ZID, ZTL, and ZJX as we staff up airports celebrating some of the most storied tracks in motorsports! Come check out the one and only Brickyard in Indianapolis (KIND), The home of the Daytona 500 in Daytona (KDAB), and visit the Charlotte Roval and the heart of NASCAR in the US in Charlotte (KCLT & KJQF)! We'll be staffing up starting at 2300z, so Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines!


Position Assignment
IND_HW_CTR No Assignment
IND_HE_CTR No Assignment
IND_LE_CTR No Assignment
IND_LW_CTR No Assignment


Position Assignment
IND_D_APP No Assignment
IND_B_APP No Assignment
IND_F_APP No Assignment
IND_E_DEP No Assignment

Tower Cab

Position Assignment
IND_E_TWR No Assignment
IND_W_TWR No Assignment
IND_GND No Assignment
IND_DEL No Assignment


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